Posts from January 2016

Wesley Hall update…..

Wesley Hall Renovation…. We are running into cost overruns due to asbestos tiles that must be removed prior to laying down the new carpet squares. To cover these additional costs we are asking individuals and families to “purchase” a square of carpet. There are 100 squares and we are asking a donation of $100.00 per […]

ConneXion Groups

New ConneXoion Groups starting the week of February 7th. What are ConneXion groups?  What’s their purpose? There are three major goals:  helping people know and support one another better, learning and growing spiritually through study, and working together on a service project.   Also an opportunity to strengthen ties with the church. Small groups of six to […]


The church treasurer has it’s own mailbox now.  Please place any communication for the Treasurer in that box rather than Chuck’s personal box. Thanks!