Operation Clean Sweep

The Wesley Hall Renovation is completed.  The church now has a beautiful hall for our activities.  We want the remainder of the church to be more attractive and organized as well.

Last fall the Ad Council authorized the Clean Sweep Task Force under the jurisdiction of the Trustees to clean out the cobwebs and other stuff throughout the church and organize the rooms and records. After many delays, it is time to get started.

The following is the initial plan for the Task Force:

  1. Determine the needs of the people using each room and the proposed uses for each room.
  2. Obtain input from the various groups and individuals that use each room.
  3. Prepare a short plan for each room and share with the congregation.
  4. Implement plan for each room.
  5. Review records management program for the Pacific Northwest Conference to determine what records must be kept and those that need to be discarded.
  6. Have SUMC Historian determine any historical information that should be retained.
  7. Organize cabinets in each room.
  8. Reuse, recycle or discard items that are no longer used.
  9. Decorate each room as needed.
  10. Determine if any money is needed to implement the plan. There were some funds approved last year for these activities from the Memorial fund.

Contact Chuck Durland if you are interested in being a part of the endeavor.