Pentecost May 15th

Pentecost is the fiftieth day of Easter and the Days of Pentecost continue until the Advent season.  This year Pentecost begins Sunday, May 15, 2016.   The church has moved from the empty tomb and a focus on the risen Lord through his ascension. Now the church moves into a new relationship with him in and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is the day to welcome the gift of the Spirit and interpret that gift afresh. 

The Season of Pentecost focuses on the Spirit and the way in which it touches everyone in the world. Pentecost is a time of outreach, praise, spiritual renewal, and fellowship. In most churches, the general theme of the Bible readings and sermons during the Pentecost season concern the church’s mission in the world.  The color of the season is Red and you are encouraged to wear red on Pentecost Sunday, May 15th.