Congregational Care

Congregational Ministry Starting

The Congregational Care Committee is beginning to organize a new ministry. The entire active congregation will be divided into small groupings of 10 – 12 households. A Care Group Leader will have oversight of each grouping and make monthly contacts with each member to see how they are doing. Any needs that come up (illness, death, hospitalization, personal needs or concerns, etc.) will be reported back to the Congregational Care Committee so we can follow up on these needs. Believe it or not, not everyone relates their needs to the church office or Pastor Dan. This is a way to find out what are the needs of our parishioners in an organized way so that we can respond in a caring way. The Congregational Care Committee is organizing a visiting team as well who will work with Pastor Dan on calling on people as needed. The caring ministries of the church are a ministry for all, not just a specialized few. We want to extend the love of God to all in our parish and this will be an organized way to do this. Sometimes people “fall between the cracks” and we want to avoid this from happening.

Care Group Leader Responsibility: To contact the households in your group each month and report back any needs to the Congregational Care Committee. Contacts maybe made by phone, talking to people at church or other in person contact. Also to gather information about the household members: interests, skills, talents, availability so that we can help them to participate in the life of the congregation. We want people to fully participate in the congregation in their areas of interest or skills. For instance, if a Care Group Leader discovers someone is interested in quilting, that information can be relayed, and the person can be put in contact with quilting group activities at the church. Or if someone is a handyman and likes to repair things, they can be put into contact with the Trustees for various repair projects.