It Takes a Village

Helen Smith has been in charge of our wedding receptions and memorial services for many years. She has many willing volunteers to help her, drawing from UM Women and other members of the church.   Helen also is responsible for the bulletin board (s), especially the one near the double wooden doors in Narthex.

Martha Sanders, in addition to recording attendance, is also Chair of the Housekeeping Committee. Members of that committee are Lucy Armstrong, Evelyn Adamson and Claudette Cody. They check the sanctuary each week, replacing pencils and offering envelopes and generally tidying the whole sanctuary and balcony.

Lynne Grabill is Director of our Handbell Choir.   Each week she is front and center Wednesdays, rehearsing the Handbell Choir, selecting music and offering her expertise so that we can enjoy their lovely performances at the traditional worship service and other special occasions during the year.

Mary O’Farrell is also involved with the Handbell Choir. She not only plays the handbells, but also serves as coordinator for the choir members, emailing them pertinent dates and times that they are to play.

Tracy LeRoy recently labeled every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen with the name and picture of the contents. It really helps if an outside group is using the kitchen and is not familiar with where items are stored.

Mary Margaret Haugen and Basil Badley have prepared and served a lovely home-made continental breakfast for many years at the Easter Sunrise Service at the Camano Country Club. They are now passing the baton on to someone else—might it be you?

As you can see, angels abound, quietly pitching in where they see a need to make sure our church is the best it can be.

Thank You All!