Administrative Council News

Responding to our Congregational Meeting the evening of January 24, the Administrative Council assembled a Mission/Vision Task Force to identify goals and ways to reach them from the 22 areas identified that night.

We began by developing a mission statement, which is:

“As members of Stanwood United Methodist Church, we count ourselves Disciples of Jesus Christ Reaching Out, Reaching In and Reaching Up.”

Then a list of Core Values of our congregation were identified encapsulating our Vision. We accept our identity as an inclusive and reconciling congregation offering warm and welcoming fellowship. We are theologically progressive giving love and acceptance while valuing grace over passing judgement.

  • Inclusive and Reconciling Congregation
  • Warm and Welcoming Fellowship
  • Theologically Progressive
  • Offering Love and Acceptance
  • Value Grace over Judgement

Input received from our congregation has been formulated into workable objectives as we move forward. Our foremost goal is to improve communication between our Committees, the Administrative Council and the Congregation. As a result, Administrative Council will report quarterly in The Messenger and active committees will report monthly, giving brief updates on what has been done and what is planned for the future. Be looking for consistent communication, often using new technology, such as videos, our website and additional social media. In addition, a handout is being developed listing all church committees and what they do, plus information on how to become involved.

We invite the congregation to be a part of this process by dropping a comment or suggestion in our “Share Your Idea” box, located in the Narthex.