Announcements (Page 6)

Time-critical announcements and information about significant church events.

Fall Stewardship Campaign

Money affects your heart. Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your stress level, your anxiety, and the health of your relationships. It is no wonder, then, that Jesus talked about the relationship between our treasure and our hearts. For a four-week period beginning on the last Sunday […]

Greeting Cards

The UMW card project is expanding.  You now have the possibility of purchasing greeting cards during the week when the church office is open.  Ask Carol for the file which contains a small selection of birthday, sympathy, get well and blank cards.    The UMW card makers continue to be grateful to all of you who […]

School Supplies for Stanwood Elementary School

For the upcoming school year, we will be supporting our neighborhood elementary school, Stanwood Elementary.  We have made contact with them and they are thrilled with the offer of support for their students! Below is the list of supplies that they are most in need of. Our plan is to have the supplies delivered the […]

We Are Now A Reconciling Congregation

June 14, 2015 we proudly became a reconciling congregation, the latest step in our long faith history of welcoming and working for justice for all God’s ​children. Please visit our Welcome page to read our Statement of Inclusion. Stanwood United Methodist Church is a reconciling, LBGTQI-friendly congregation. ALL are welcome here.