Sermons from September 2017

Radical Love is Forgiving

“Radical Love is Forgiving” (3rd in Series Radical Love in a Risky World)   Prayer:    O Lord, open our hearts and minds to the message of Scripture.  Help us to see in Jesus’ words, words for life and love.  May we learn from him in how to live as loving people.  In his name we […]

Radical Love is Truthful

“Radical Love is Truthful” (2nd in Series on Radical Love in a Risky World) Prayer: O Lord, open our minds and hearts to your truth. Help us to so live in your Spirit that we might use words to heal and encourage, rather than to tear down and demean. May our words be acceptable in […]

Radical Love is Risky

“Radical Love is Risky” (1st in Series: Radical Love in a Risky World) Prayer: O Lord, you led by example, you lived in the fullness of what humanity is supposed to be. May we, as your disciples, learn from you and receive any truth we may hear with joy. Amen. “Some people see things as […]

Let Love Be Genuine

“Let Love Be Genuine” Prayer:    O Lord, help us as we listen, to hear your word of hope, to receive the assurance of your steadying hand on our lives, and to know that we are loved and cared for by the Great God of the universe.  May the message of your word speak to our […]