The mission of the Stanwood United Methodist Church is to love and honor God by committing our lives to Jesus Christ and inviting others to this commitment.

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Highlights for the week of September 14th


Special Reminder: UM Men meet Saturday, September 13 at 8AM in the dining room in the Suites at Josephine.
Sermon Title: Life-Giving Forgiveness
Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35
Worship Focus: Forgiveness that simply turns into a law only leads to a path of death. It is only when forgiveness can get to the point when reconciliation can be its goal that we can be free enough to receive its life-giving gift.
Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study
Two great courses are lined up for this class. Very different from one another.

“Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy” began September 2 for the five Tuesdays of September. A Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, will talk with filmed dialogue following. Topics include Atonement Theology, Eco-Spirituality, The Christ Who Existed Before Christianity, Living like Jesus and Mysticism over Moralism. Discussion will be lively!

Beginning the last Tuesday in October, will be a new curriculum title “Covenant.” The purpose of the study is to engage participants in conversations about the Biblical concept of the unique and special covenant between God and God’s fruitful people by studying the Bible together and applying the Bible to their personal story. Three eight-week modules, each dealing with a different aspect of what covenant means: Creating, Living and Trusting. Daily study and a weekly class session. Covers nearly all the books of the Bible. A good study for both those with limited experience with in-depth Bible study and those with extensive experience. Classes are Tuesdays at 1:00 in the Blue Room. Open enrollment but good to let Barbara Dadd Shaffer know you are coming so enough books are ordered. 425-210-1399 or barbdadd@aol.com
Adult Sunday School
The Adult Sunday School, lead by Vickie Mongar, is being held in the Yellow Room from 10:15 to 11:15 each Sunday. This session will explore the Gospel of Mark. Everyone is welcome.

Chancel and Handbell Choirs Resume
Chancel Choir is reconvening after a summer break. Nancy High is the director. If you are interested in singing in the choir, please meet in the sanctuary on Wednesdays at 7:15PM for rehearsal.

Handbell Choir will begin rehearsals starting Wednesday, September 17 at 6PM. Lynne Grabill is the director. She encourages anyone interested in playing the bells to attend the first rehearsal which will also take place in the sanctuary.

ConneXion Groups Have Begun
Last year we launched a small group ministry called “ConneXion Groups.” Our goal is to help connect every parishioner in a small group where we can be known and know others, as well as grow in our spiritual lives together by study, service and fellowship. They started the week of September 7th. As we did last year, they will end in November near Thanksgiving (for a total of 12 weeks), and start again in February 2015.

If you are new to SUMC you might be wondering what exactly is the purpose of a ConneXion group. They are planned to offer food, fellowship, fun, and faith. There are basically three major goals: helping people know one another better, learning and growing spiritually, and working together on a short service project chosen by each group.

Each session will include sharing food appropriate to the time of day, and will last 1-1/2 to 2 hours. The groups will meet in various locations including the church and homes. You will be given choices based on the best day, time, and location for you. Each group will decide on a study, most of which will include a short video curriculum, and lots of discussion.

Some possible topics could include life issues (such as handling stress, family crisis), social justice, biblical topics, spiritual formation, peace-making, etc. There will be no cost to participants and no homework. What we will ask of participants is a commitment to attend all of the sessions or as many as possible.

MS Bike-A-Thon
Craig Leroy rode the 150 mile bike ride to benefit MS on Sept. 6 on Whidbey Island and in Bellingham Sept. 7. It’s his 7th year of participation and he is looking for a support pledge that can be done one of two ways: on-line at teamnavy.org. Click on Craig’s name to make a pledge. You may also place a check in his church mailbox made out to National MS Society. He can receive pledges until the end of September. Your support is very much appreciated!!


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