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The mission of the Stanwood United Methodist Church is to love and honor God by committing our lives to Jesus Christ and inviting others to this commitment.

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Highlights for the week of November 2, 2014


Sermon Title: Blessed To Be a Blessing

Scripture: 1John 3:1-3

Worship Focus: It is absolutely vital that in the midst of whatever comes through life we remember whose we are and what we can become. God claims us, through Christ, as God’s adopted sons and daughters. With God’s Spirit living within us, we are designed to be extraordinary. There is a saint within us which we can grow to become. We have been loved and blessed by God to love and bless others on this unforgettable journey with the living Christ!


Save the date!   Our delicious and much-anticipated turkey luncheon will be Thursday, November 20th starting at 11:30AM. This will be a catered luncheon with homemade desserts provided by the members of the Older Adult Council. Tickets will be on sale soon; cost is $10.   You won’t want to miss this special day!

Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study

Tuesday, October 28, began a new curriculum titled “Covenant.” Still time to attend this informative class. The purpose of this study is to engage participants in conversations about the Biblical concept of the unique and special covenant between God and God’s fruitful people by studying the Bible together and applying the Bible to their personal story.

Three eight-week modules, each dealing with a different aspect of what covenant means: Creating, Living and Trusting. Daily study and a weekly class session. Covers nearly all the books of the Bible. A good study for both those with limited experience with in-depth Bible study and those with extensive experience. Classes are Tuesdays at 1:00 in the Blue Room with Barbara Dadd Shaffer leading.

Forums on Inclusiveness

“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” — This is the motto of the United Methodist denomination and our church at Stanwood. How open are we? This is the question that we are beginning to consider this year as a congregation.  The Administrative Council approved exploring becoming a Reconciling Congregation and wants to look at inclusiveness in a broader sense. How open are we of people who are recent immigrants (with or without legal papers), persons with mental illness, of different sexual orientations, or developmental disabilities (both physical and mental)? What does it mean to be inclusive of these populations of people? Remember, these are not issues, but rather people we are asked to be inclusive of, in the full life of our congregation. A Steering Committee was formed and is planning a series of forums to explore all of these as topics of discussion and inquiry. The first of these forums was held on Immigration; the next is on persons with mental illness.

Mental Illness Forum

The Reconciliation Forum for November  will be a special program planned to help us all understand better what experiencing mental illness is like. As with any illness, finding treatment and support is the key. Two members of the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) will be here to share their “In Our Own Voices” messages with us. They have taken lessons to do this and will cover — the Dark Days — the Treatment — and the Successes, Hopes & Dreams. Kathy Chiles will be here as the coordinator of the “In Our Own Voices” program. She is a NAMI board member and the author of a book available on Amazon: Pangaea—Confessions of an Erstwhile Mermaid. Free lunch will be served at 12 noon on Sunday, November 16th followed by their hour-long program which will include a time for questions. Feel free to invite any family or friends to join us. This is an important message for our times.













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